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Biometric Authentication/ Identification Device
Secure, Fast, Accurate, Efficient Mobile Biometric Identification Device
Biometric authentication verifies user's claimed identity by comparing an encoded value with a stored value of the concerned biometric characteristic. Fingerprint biometrics recognizes the physical structure of a person's fingerprint, such as the minutiae points that include bifurcations and ridge endings.
Valor Wave advanced fingerprint scanner biometric device can support both 1: 1 and 1:N types of recognition used in biometric systems, providing you security & efficiency with a single touch.
Valor Wave biometric mobile devices put the power of a full-scale AFIS in the palm of your hand, which can capture fingerprint, face and iris can be customized. Valor Wave biometric tablet captures high-quality 500 dpi images. This captured biometric data can be used in a search against the on-board database or formatted into a NIST standard package and transmitted to a remote AFIS over GPRS/EDGE/WCDMA or WiFi network.
Enables the capture of fingerprints (up to ten fingers) and facial images ...
Fingerprint capture,face image capture;On-device matching capability...
Process NIST standard requests and responses over a wireless network flexibly...
FIPS-201 compliant and FBI approved fingerprint scanner;High-quality facial image capture...

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