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We have been adhering to the idea of people-oriented and talent equal to wealth, if you would like to have an innovative and challenging work, welcome to join our elite team to create a better future. Please read job opportunities below and send your CV to job(at)valor-wave.com.cn. We will respond to you as soon as possible.
Jobs Sales Engineer
Quantity 2
Start Time 2015/3/2
End Time 2015/9/2
Requirements -College or above, major in International Trade, Marketing or electronics is preferred. 
-Good command of English & Chinese. 
-aggressive, creative & optimistic. 
- Language communication ability, mastery of the client state of mind; 
- Do things carefully, and a strong sense of responsibility, have a good sense of teamwork;
We provide annual leave, 5 days working, legal holiday, social insurance.
Jobs Network Engineer
Quantity 5
Start Time 2015/3/15
End Time 2015/9/15
Requirements 1. A college education ,23-30-year-old; 
2. English for more than four, marketing or related professional work experience are especially more than 2 years; 
3. Language communication ability, mastery of the client state of mind, how high-end customer base of consumer psychology; 
4. Do things carefully, and a strong sense of responsibility, the atmosphere less about their personal gains and losses, have a good sense of teamwork

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