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Company Profile
We consider technology innovation and service-oriented as our company management philosophy...
Management Philosophy
Valor Wave's mission is to be perfect in design, development and marketing of cutting edge high-tech solutions for...
Certificate Qualification
Certificate Qualification...
Factory Pictures
SMT Production, Assembling Lines, Reliability Test, Aging Test, R&D Department, Office, Meeting Room...
Our Mission
We consider technology innovation and service-oriented as our company management philosophy...
Future Vision
VALOR WAVE strives to became the largest ICT products OEM and ODM supplier in the world in the next years.
Management Philosophy
Only constant innovation will make company develop and progress consistently and greatly. First it's technology innovation, product innovation, and value innovation that assure the enterprise always maintain dynamic and fast-growing, so that enterprise can be sustainable. Our products are feature-rich,where quality and performance combine with style and it's innovation meshed with elegance. All Valor Wave products are designed to be stylish,smart and effortless to use.

Enhance all-round efficiency; finish the order complied with strict quality standard in the shortest time; handel and response customers' needs and requirements in the fastest way; research and develop the the newest trending products in the quickest speed. Listen consumers' needs and then translate their idea into reality fast.

Valor Wave is dedicated to the research and development of unique and high-quality communication products that enhance and complement human beings lifestyle around the world. Create more value and profits for every customer; creat better and more valuable products for the community. Adhere value as the core, in order that customers and consumers can spend the least money to buy the highest quality and highest value products.

Honesty is the fundamentality for survival of the enterprise;one company without honesty likes a man without spirits and soul. Integrity in all business dealings with customers and partners, honesty with employees, friends and all human beings is the only way to get more trust and acceptance from more people. Build our company that is easy to do business with win-win guideline for customers and partners and able to accept and give constructive feedback.

Maintain "The customer is always right mentality". Provide omnibearing Pre-Sales and After-Sales service for customers with our heart and soul; customers needs and problems are equal to our needs and problems; make the most contribution for the community within our maximum capacity scope; let customers and consumers enjoy the happiness of cooperation with us.
About Us:
Company Profile
Management Philosophy
Certificate Qualification
Factory Pictures
Our Mission
Future Vision
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Mechanical Design
Electronics Design
Software Development
Industrial Tablet
AI Translation Products
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eID Solution
Border Control
Biometric Voting
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Mobile Law Enforcement
Biometrics Verification for SIM Card Sales
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